Saturday or Sunday Brunch Wedding and Reception

Saturday or Sunday Brunch Wedding and Reception


A great option for the budget, a Saturday or Sunday Wedding and brunch can be an understated,

elegant and personal affair.  Saturday and Sunday brunch is meant for parties up to 25 for

the interior rooms and for parties up to 50 in the garden.weddingbrunch4

Facility Fee: $400.00


Brunch Wedding Guidelines

  • Ceremony cannot begin earlier than 11 a.m. or later than 12:30 p.m.
  • A 4 hour time frame will be allotted the wedding and brunch which includes 30 minutes for set up and clean up.
  • Menu items can be chosen from our brunch style menu.
  • Specialty cocktails or a champagne brunch make a warm but low key approach


weddingbrunch5weddingbrunch3Not all Virginia weddings need months of preparation.

With a reservation we can accommodate a brunch wedding and reception easily.

In addition, we can add a wedding cake, champagne, wine, and cocktails, music and floral arrangements.



Please feel free to give us a call and  we can go over the options.