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Family Travel Turned Couples Getaway

June 5, 2012 in Travel

Trips to see family are usually just that…trips to see family. Time to visit, time to maybe explore a new place, time to be yourself with those that love you.

Except, that when you take a trip to see family during their major house renovation, making sleeping everyone in one place difficult, a family trip can also turn into a mini couples getaway if you are lucky.

As luck would have it, during our recent trip to Norfolk to see my parents, the work on their house was no where near completed. And, although very cute, their pull out red sofa, is …how should I say this…un-sleepable. Which as it turns out, translated into Rocket and I staying (thank you to my parents) at a historic bed and breakfast just around the corner, while Principessa stayed with my parents.

To say that three nights at the Victorian Style Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast for a couples getaway was a treat for Rocket and I…would be an understatement.

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