About the Inn

  • Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast


       Built in the late 1890’s, the Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast maintains the charm and historical architecture of the Victorian era in which it was built.  Located in the West Freemason Street Historic District in Norfolk, VA,  this area is recognized as a national historic district and is a part of the National Historical Society.  Encompassing 48 buildings in a primarily residential section on the western edge of Norfolk, it was developed between the late-18th and early-20th centuries.

        With riverfront views, charming cobblestone streets, beautifully preserved historic buildings, plenty of parks and a Japanese garden, the Freemason area was named one of the Top 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2013 according to the American Planning Association.  The Freemason area is one of the most “walkable” neighborhoods in Virginia with restaurants, museums, festivals and music venues all within walking distance.  Don’t feel like walking?  Call on F.R.E.D. – Free Rides Every Day to pick you up and deliver you anywhere you want to go in the downtown area.

        Just west of downtown and hemmed by the Elizabeth River and Ghent, Freemason boasts a host of buildings that date to the late 1700s,  when Norfolk was largely rebuilt after the Revolutionary War. “West Freemason offers a record of architecture dating back to Colonial times,” said Paul Farmer, the association’s CEO. The neighborhood’s “unique character remains intact.”